"Waste material produced when removing unwanted substances from metal"


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Images that move to the sound of music


Where to go to move to the sound of music


Images that don't move to the sound of no music


Words copied from paper to computer to sing along the sound of music


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    You’re probably thinking that it’s already too hard to sort through all that spam you get…
    However, we’re on the same boat as you and we believe that the only time you see our name in your email box, it should be […]

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  • Live at Bar Matchless, Brooklyn, Friday January 15th – 8pm sharp

    Hey stranger!
    We’ll be playing a full-band show on Friday January 15th at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn. If you’ve never been there it’s an awesome place and you might become a regular… Bar and showroom are separate, although there is a […]

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  • C’EST LA VIE ! Out now!

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of our first acoustic EP C’EST LA VIE !
    In this acoustic EP featuring a genuine voice, witty texts, sharp acoustic guitars and a stimulating cajon drum, we reconcile influences such […]

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  • New Acoustic Music Video Release

    What’s up?
    We’re excited to share with you our latest video for our acoustic single “Are You On Your Way?” available on  and 
    Please share, comment, like, or whatever you kids do these days.
    The Johnny Pumps – Are You On Your Way

    All […]

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which may or may not be true

I've had it with all this crap! All you care about is fruit and touching yourself. Well, fuck you!


... They'd come down, and they'd suck the soul out of your body, and it hurt!

Prison Mike